Literary Club aims to instil uphold and enhance the literary skills of students and give them confidence needed to use English as an effective tool in conveying ideas.

The Club activities provide a ‘literary zeal’ to build and enhance language skills like Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.


The Club engages the cognitive and Creative Faculties through its varied activities like,

1.Vocabulary activity helps to coin or utilise the vast English Lexicon.

2.Refashioning fallacy helps in indentation of spoken and written errors and refining them.

3.Show and tell the practice of showing something to an audience and describing it to them, usually a toy or other utility item, builds confidence and helps children develop effective communication skills.

4.Story Time is fun and educational. It instils active listening and encourages creative expression among learners.

5.Music plays an integral part of linguistic development.

Sing Along sessions integrate music into language their by helping learn Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation.