Only those who attempt, can achieve the impossible

Pratibha Karanji Competition is being organized since 2002 and this program is a great platform to bring out the artistic talent and creative skills of school students by promoting arts in education sector. The event was hosted by B.E.O South 1 at Govt. High School, Muthuraya nagar, Bengaluru.
Here, uniform cultural and educational events were organized for government, aided and unaided school children of Class 1 to 10. As many as 28 schools participated in the event.
We, Gospel International school, were one among them. Under the able guidance of our school Principal, Mrs.Lavena Nevil, Headmaster and Teachers, Gospelites, took to the preparation almost two weeks in advance.
The school was a witness to the myriad of activities that were conducted for the juniors as well as the seniors. Various intraschool Competitions were held to finalize the talented Students at different levels. The competitions were a fusion of talent, imagination, creativity and alertness. The art forms like song, folk dance, rangoli, debate, drawing, clay modelling, Speech, poem recitation, to name a few helped to bring out the uniqueness of each individual.
Our finalized students took part in Pratibha Karanji and Kalotsava 22-23 on 15th September, 2022 at three different levels, competing in a variety of individual and group events.

Group (1 to 4): Poem recitation; Fancy dress, Story telling, Pick and speak, Clay modelling.
Participants – Dwani, Kruthi, Lipika, Samarth, Hanish, Vikas, Prakruthi.
Group (5 to 7): Poem recitation; Fancy dress; Clay modelling, Drawing & Painting,
Bhakti Geetha, Speech.
Participants- Aarathi, Manavi, Sowmya, Pavan, Geethashree, Imran, Saakshi Singh.
Group (8 to 10): Poem recitation; Fancy dress; Clay modelling; Speech; Folk dance;
Devotional chanting.
Participants – Divyashree, Lochan, Varun, Vyshali Bai, Tejaswini, Deekshitha, Neola
Blessy, Pavan Kumar, Priyanka Dewasi, Vishnu Prasad.
Spontaneity and confidence were the hallmark of the competition. The students left everyone awe-struck as they presented their talent so immaculately and effortlessly.


  1. Sakshi Fancy dress II prize
  2. Priyanka Hindi speech I prize
  3. Lavanya Rangoli III prize
  4. Varun Debate II Prize
  5. Divyashree Fancy dress III prize
  6. Neola Blessy English Speech II prize
  7. Pavan Kumar Kannada speech III prize
  8. Vishnu prasad Devotional chant I prize
  9. Highschool group Folk dance I prize
  10. Imran Hindi recitation III prize

The Winners were applauded for their splendid performance and were awarded with certificates and Shields at the end of the event.
Our school hailed the achievements of our winners during the Assembly.
Our Highschool students, progressed to the next round of competition on 3rd November, 2022 with confidence and determination.
Group (8 to10) Participants:
Vishnu Prasad – Devotional chant
Highschool group – Folk dance
Priyanka Dewasi – Hindi speech
Our pride, Priyanka Dewasi of class X bagged Second prized in Hindi speech.
Her topic was Role of students in creating an addiction sensitized nation.” The heart of her speech was reason and evidence driven by confidence and excellent oratory skill.
She was rewarded with a Certificate of achievement by our School Management
during the Kannada Rajyotsava celebrations.
Gospel family is proud of the tremendous efforts and achievements of both the students who participated in this prestigious competition and its Winners.
We wish them all the best for their future endeavors and look forward for many more such triumphs!