Gandhi Jayanti – the day is synonymous with the Freedom that our country revels in today. Fraught with hopelessness and dreary darkness, Gandhi arrived on the scene championing the nation to a tremendous victory through radical movements of peace and non-violence.
On the occasion of Gandhi’s 151st birth anniversary, Gospel International School hosted an online event where students sent in video clippings of themselves reciting and singing patriotic songs. These were then displayed on the online platform for parents and staff members and everyone to see.
Our budding talents enthusiastically sent in their entries, boldly reciting songs about the country, and the united spirit with which Indians now celebrate their freedom.
This event was a wonderful revisiting of Gandhiji’s ideas, his ideologies and the values for which Freedom fighters were martyred.
Gospel International School, in the same way, typifies the ideal of freedom – the freedom of thought and expression, and the freedom for students to be themselves. The school offers students a safe place of acceptance where they can be free to reveal their true selves without the fear of rejection. Our team of teachers are well-experienced and work hard to nurture an environment of safety and security and instilling self-confidence into each child.
The fraternity of Gospel International School wishes each of you a happy Gandhi Jayanti!