In a world that seems bleak and dark, God has placed children in this world as beacons of light and it is our responsibility to cherish these treasures of sunlight for a brighter tomorrow. Each child is a blessing from God and deserves the very best of life. This is why we are paving a path for tomorrow’s leaders.
At Gospel International School, our fraternity comes together with the foremost purpose of meeting the needs of the children entrusted to us. We simply push open the classroom windows and allow the imaginations of the students to take flight and soar high into the sky.
Watching teachers perform outside of their traditional roles within the classroom, is bound to bring delight to any student. for them. A global pandemic was not a barrier enough to stop our young ones from celebrating Children’s Day. The teaching staff of Gospel International School delivered a remarkable performance to students, on the occasion of Children’s Day. Marooned in their homes due to the lockdown, students were extremely delighted to log onto their online devices and find their teachers donning the hats of dancers, singers, and actors, and performing especially
It was truly an iconic moment to go down the annals of the school, when the teachers of the school staged festive and lively sessions of song, dance, a skit and a puppet show, revolving around the theme of children as the best treasures, and the classroom scenario. The dedicated teachers of GIS industriously came together with fanfare and pageantry to deliver their best for the children.
Children’s Day was founded on the love that Chacha Nehru has for the little ones. It is also rooted in his dream that children would make the India of tomorrow, and the way we bring up these young ones will determine the future of the country. Following closely on the heels of Nehruji’s dream, Gospel International School also believes in offering the best education to every child regardless of their backgrounds, their stations, or status.
The mission of the school is committed to offering an active, reflective and creative mode of learning. In the midst of the lockdown as well, the teaching community has utilized online resources to the best, in order to make students feel as connected to their academic world as they were in the classroom. The teachers and management of GIS heartily wish each and every student a Happy Children’s Day.