On 1st November 2022, the entire State observed the 67th State day, fondly known as “Karnataka Rajyotsava.”

To mark this occasion, we at Gospel International school embraced this propitious day in a meaningful and fitting manner to instill the values of Unity, Fraternity and Progress among our children.
Our students adorned the corridors and floors with charts, photographs, maps to showcase the vast culture and rich heritage along with the varied traditions of Karnataka. The achievements of the Legends and Laureates of our prestigious state were displayed. The entire school was aglow with the colours of red and yellow in the form of flowers, flags, balloons and other festoons. The event brought forth the festive spirit in all.

Our children took to the stage with fervor of patriotism and festivity. They created an ecstatic ambience with cultural programmes like ethnic songs, fancy dress depicting great personalities, speech, quiz to identify multiple facets of Karnataka, traditional dance foms, and more.

With pride in their hearts, our teachers filled the atmosphere with folk and state songs in Kannada. To top it all, the essence of Karnataka was brought to the forefront with an energetic dance performance by our teaching staff.

The Apex of the event was our mentor, our Principal Mrs. Levina Nevil’s thought-provoking message, “To use Language as a tool to unify hearts and lives!”

The delightful celebration was drawn to a conclusion and sweets were distributed to the children.

All the teaching, non-teaching staff and dignitaries were filled with a sense of unity and pride!

Jai Karnataka!