The educational system, as we all know, is constantly evolving. In this moment, teachers are needed more than ever – their value has only increased in this lockdown and has been appreciated by parents and society.
Teachers may not be listed as one of the professions under essential workers, during this lockdown, however, they are an essential part of the community. Under ordinary circumstances, a teacher’s job expands beyond their role in the classroom. It involves preparation, evaluation, constant processing, and administrative work. However, under these atypical circumstances, teachers have assumed an additional burden and have made themselves available to follow a novel course of Distance learning.
It is a momentous incident, wherein all these strategies being developed by teachers are creating history. They have been actively inventing innovative strategies to best engage students in the academic process without the feeling of distance or missing out.
The lockdown has wreaked havoc economically and affected various realms of society, but here at the Gospel International School, the management and staff have come together to make the most of the resources available to provide our students with the very best academic experience possible. The management was keen to ensure that its staff and students were given the required training to handle the online class applications with live streaming, and recorded classroom sessions, with presentations, videos, notes, quizzes and evaluations keeping students engaged across the school year and in touch with the School scene.
The teachers of the school were not remote but regularly met up for workshops on professional development and for Parent-Teacher Conferences. This also helped build morale among the teachers and parents, and strengthen the unity between staff and community.
The teachers of Gospel International School have come through with their experience and professionalism and powered through a season of academic life that was novel, atypical and unexpected. Our teachers are the pillars of the school and ultimately of the community, and render a global standard of education to all the students entrusted to us.